Three athletes of Zirve İSC competed in one category


42nd men and 22nd women’s world junior weightlifting championship in Tbilisi, has ended. 250 athletes (110 women and 140 men) from 40 countries took part in this competition, and members of the “Zirve” International Sport Clubsç too. Three of them competed in the 85 kg weight category.
“Terespol-Zirve” athlete Mateusz Skulimovski has performed in group B. He showed the result of 144 kg in snatch and 175 kg in clean and jerk. Polish weightlifter with a score total of 319 kg (144 + 175) ranked 2nd in this group and 12th the overall ranking.
Two “Zhydachiv-Zirve” athlete were more successfull. Youth World and European Champion Igor Obukhov showed the result of 148 kg in snatch and 188 kg in clean and jerk. With the result of total 336 kg (148 + 188) ranked 5th place in the world championship.
Many times participant and winner of “Zirve” Cup and Championships Anton Plesnoy ranked in the top spot. He has in 154kg snatch, 188 kg in clean and jerk lift over his head. Ukrainian athlete with the result total 342 kg (154 + 188) ranked 4th place.