Atakan missed only 1 kg form bronze medal


42nd men and 22nd women world junior weightlifting in Tbilisi, Georgia continues. About 300 sportsman from 40 countries compete for medals. Another Zirve ISC representers – “Ankara-Zirve” sportswoman Büşranur Dalmızrak and Zeynep Atakan accept a challenge.
Dalmizrak competed in B group of 63 kg weight category. She lifted 81 kg in snatch and 98 kg in jerk. Total 179 kg (81+98) made her 3rd in group B and 11st in total schedule.
Zeynep Atakan competed in 69 kg weight category. She lift 82 kg in snatch and couldn’t be in first ten. But our representer made a better lift in clean and jerk. Turkish athlete lifted 120 kg in this movement. She took 4th place in jerk. Ukraine athlete Aliona Shevkoplyas did 120 kg, too. But she had lighter bodyweight than Atakan and took bronze medal. Total 202 kg (82+120) gave Atakan chance to be 8th in general list.