"Zirve" came back from Konya by 1 gold and 3 silver medals


In 19-23th of april 6th traditional “Interntional Rumi Child Sport Games” held in Konya, Turkey. In light and heavy athletics, velosiped, karate and taekwondo sport types, about 500 sportsmen participated in. In this competition Germany, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech, Finland, Georgia, Croatia, Northern Cyprus, Kosova, Latvia, Makedonia, Uzbekistan, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Greece, Ukraine, Turkey teams joined to competition.
In 21-22nd of april weightlifting competitions held. In championship Azerbaijanian youth participated in as well. In U-15 boys and girls’ competition 7 members of “Zirve” International Sport Clubs competed. In girls’ competition Maharramzada Sevar, Farahova Shafa, Rzazade Lala and Mukhtarli Gunel, in boys’ competition Daydarov Javid, Alkhasov Alimardan and Aliyev Fugan tested their powers.
From 8 country 25 girl and 48 boys joined to competition. Because of team ranking our team couldn’t be successful but individually sportsmen took places. Our team won a gold and 5 silver medals. 1 gold and 3 silver medals belong to “Zirve” athletes.
In girls’ competition Rzazade Lala became champion in 53 kg weight category.”Zirve” disciple totally was 133 kg (60+73) and became only gold medalist of our national team.
In 58 kg weight category “Zirve” representative Maharramzade Sevar distinguished. She totally was 130 kg (60+70) and has got silver medal.
In men’s competition Jabid Heydarov totally was 154 kg (69+85), competed in 50 kg weight category, took 2nd place. Same success repeated by Fugan Aliyev in 62 kg weight category. He was 202 kg in total.
In national team 2 more sportsmen became successful in 69 kg Tamerkhan Babayev and in 77 kg Mayil Shukurov. They respectively were 220 kg and 243 kg in total and became silver medalist.