“9th Zirve Cup” starts!


Today – 29th of june “9th Zirve Cup” of “Zirve” International Sport Clubs is starting in Astara Olympic Sport Complex. During 2 competition days beside of Azerbaijan, from 12 countries about 100 sportsmen will participate in.
Since two years “Zirve” started its activity in international arena and continuing to keep same its high performance. Especially in weighlifting branch we can see results of our works. In a short time or in youth, or in junior, or in seniors’ Europe and world championships, members of our club have won many medals. These results are proof of so-called.
Aim of creation of international branches is to make great rivalry for local sportsmen and to give them better competition experiment. The tournament that is started today can surely call World Cup. From USA, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Israel, Georgia, Iran and Azerbaijan about 100 sportsmen will be joined to competition. Men and women winners will be determined by Sinclair schedule. They will be awarded by special ordered medals, diploms, certificates, money and other gifts.
Need to note that, there was training for 10 days for local and foreign sportsmen in AAAF Park Residential Complex. During couple days AAAF Park became place of united of nations and friendship of countries.
But now it is competition time. “9th Zirve Cup” will be so interesting tournament for fans of weighlifting. We invite all of you to join us and to watch championship!