Athlete of “Jydachiv – Zirve” became a silver medalist of world championship!


In 6-13th of 2015 Junior Weighlifting World Championship will be held in Poland – Vrotslav. Tournament will be held in “ORBITA Hall” Sport Complex and from 50 countries 282 athletes (123 women and 159 men) expect to participate in.
One of members of “Zirve” International Sport Clubs – Volodimir Hoza did up to platform. Athlete of “Jydachiv – Zirve” Volodimr Hoza tried to win medal in 94 kg weight category, in men’s competition. Very good that he did it.
He was successful in snatch. He was respectively 163, 167, and 173 and left behind all the rivals.
In clean and jerk Volodimir was 193 kg in his second attempt. But unfortunately he couldn’t lift 203 kg in his last attempt. He became 2nd in clean and jerk. So Hoza totally was 366 kg (173 + 193) result and has been owned silver medal of world championship.
Regarding to this event we congratulate him, his coaches and all the members of “Jydachiv – Zirve ” Sport Clubs. Wish him continuous lucks!