Artistic gymnastics held in games!

Between juniors “III Zirve Games” held in AAAF Park Residential Complex. Competition dedicated to nationalwide leader, late president Heydar Aliyev’s birthday. Different sportsmen of “Zirve” International Sport clubs participated in this competition. The aim of competition are to complete team of club to participate in country championship, improving of these sport types, strengthen friendship between coaches and sportsmen, increasing master level of sportsmen.
Competitions held in four sport types as usual: weightlifting, artistic gymnastics, judo and football.
Artistic gymnastics competition held in main competition hall in 10th of may. There were many audiences in tribunes. 40 young gymnasts participated in competition.
Competition held between 1999-2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009-2010 year girls, beside of representatives of “Zirve International Sport Clubs”, RSS – Republic Sport School, Ganja and Sumgayit gimnasts joined as well.
First director of “Zirve International Sport Clubs” Rizvan Rasulov did greet audiences. He noted birthday of nationalwide leader Heydar Aliyev. He talked about late president Heydar Aliyev’s sport care and his successor Ilham Aliyev’s works done about sport. This was 3rd “Zirve Games” and it is support of our club to this politics. Then competitions have been announced open.
First were show performances. Then competition started. Experienced jury watched performances and determined winners.

In all age categories I-II-III places sportsmen have been awarded by diploms, medals and memorial gifts by “Zirve International Sport Clubs”
You could see the results and photos:
1999-2003 years
Sharifli Khanim RSS- Republic Sport School)
2004 years
  • 1. Suleymanliı Aytaj (Khirdalan)
  • 2. Risazadeh Fatima (Khrdalan)
  • 3. Garibli Nurjan (Khirdalan)

2005 years

  • 1. Maharramova Seljan (Ganja)
  • 1. Bayramova Narmin (Khirdalan)
  • 2. Hasanova Natavan (Ganja)
  • 3. Hasanova Jamala (Khirdalan)
2006 years
  • 1. Samadli Fatima (Khirdalan)
  • 2. Karimova Chinara (Khirdalan)
  • 3. Aliyeva Sabina (Ganja)
2007 years
  • 1. Suleymanli Sariyya
  • 2. Abdulova Mehriban (Sumgayit)
  • 2. Taghıyeva Mariam (RSS)
  • 3. Aliyeva Aysu (Ganja)
2008 years
  • 1. Mammadli Safura (Ganja)
  • 2. Yusubova Aylin (RSS)
  • 3. Aghayeva Mehriban (Sumgayit)
2009-2010 years
  • 1. Guliyeva Gulşhan (Ganja)
  • 2. Gasımova Aysel (RSS)
  • 3. Farajiyeva Zahra (Khirdalan)