World Championship that have ended by victory of “Absheron – Zirve” have kept in memories with good events!


One of the leader clubs of Azerbaijan – the international project of “Zirve” Sport Club – within the “Zirve International Sport Clubs” 1st World Championship final stage has started. Today, in 24th of december there was great opening ceremony in “Altinpark-Akarsu” Sport Complex which is situated in Ankara and belongs to our club.
Opening ceremony has been started by bringing of club logos and country flags. These logos and flags has been brought to salon by club trainers and sportsmen.
Then speeches held. First president of Turkish Weightlifting Federation – Tamer Tashpinar has been invited to chair to speak. He told these words:
“Hello to everybody, welcome to the great tournament. “Zirve” Sport Club has done matchless works for improving of Azerbaijan,Turkish and also World Weighlifting. I thank to all representatives of this club who spent effort and labor for sport.Especially I appreciate it to president of club Tofig Heydarov. You know that sport is work of heart. If you don’t love it, you can not be a successfull.In here,in this competition that is held in “Altinpark-Akarsu” Sport Complex, we can see the great sport love of these people. Not in only his country Azerbaijan, also in Turkey and in Europe and in other contitents, support and improving of weightlifting idea is very nice. I willing these labors will bring success and it would be trace for world sport. Again I thank to everybody, I wish success to “Zirve” Sport Club and its international project – “Zirve International Sport Clubs”.
Then president of “Zirve ISC” Tofig Heydarov did speech. He also did greet everybody and continued his speech like this:
“I appreciate all of you. Till yesterday our club being held competitions only in Azerbaijan. But today we assembled in outside of our country for first international competition of “Zirve”. About choice of place we have not thought too long. Our brother country Turkey, in beginning of 90th years opened its arms for many of our athletes, helped them for their successes. Our first weightlifting world champion Hafiz Suleymanov performed under Turkish flag as well. Turkish Weightlifting Federation woke sport of country up with its last works. We applaud them for these steps and support them as well. Federation helped us very much and I appreciate them for this. You could see the improving of sport in Azerbaijan. 2015 1st Europe Games will be held in Baku and this is proof of develop. As a result of personal care and attention of the president of Azerbaijan Republic, president of Olympia Committee Ilham Aliyev, our country sport conquer tops and will keep on like this. By the way, today our president’s birthday, I wish him health, I appreciate him for his activity, his care and support of sport and care of Azerbaijan.
Again I greet guests and wish you interesting watches. Thank you!
After speech, presentation ceremony held. President of club Tofig Heydarov presented appreciation package to the president of Turkish Weightlifting Federation – Tamer Tashpinar, triple Olympic Champion, closer friend of “Zirve” – Halil Mutlu, owner of “Altinpark” and directory of ANFA group of companies, also representative of Ankara Big City Municipality. Beside of this, Heydarov presented memorial medals to president of Turkish Judo Federation – Fatih Uysal, representative of Union of Azerbaijan Businessmen – Ilham Abbasov, representative of Azerbaijan Ambassador in Turkey – Faig Baghirov, also sponsores of competition Ali Javadov and Vugar Habibov, young successful weightlifter of Azerbaijan – Rustam Imanzade’s trainer – Anar Gasimov.
Also all the names noted above have been got “Gold Card” for use in AAAF Park Residential Complex. This event happened first time in history of this complex and this is index of value of these people.
Then president of Turkish Weightlifting Federation Tamer Tashpinar presented appreciation package to president of club Tofig Heydarov and head trainer of “Zirve” Sport Club, Europe and World champion – Hafiz Suleymanov.
One more great gift has been given to Halil Mutlu. Regarding to President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev’s birthday, club president Tofig Heydarov presented keys of three room apartment in AAAF Park Residential Complex to triple Olympic champion, many times world and Europe champion and recordsman Halil Mutlu.
At the end artistic part started. Historical “Stablemen team” of Turkey performed in stage and have been got great applauds.
About competitions, in 8 age groups 86 sportsmen – 30 women and 56 men weightlifters competed for medals. Tournament held according to Sinclair schedule and was very interesting. At the end of 2 days Gamze Yayla (Turkey), Anastasia Romanova (Ukraine), Prishepa Natalia (Moldova), Yagub Manafov (Azerbaijan), Ahmat Chaghlar (Turkey), Dadash Dadshbayli (Azerbaijan), Andrian Zbirnea (Moldova) and Andrey Gentosh (Ukraine) won gold medals.
Beside of individual victories, team ranking have been determined as well. Because of Sinclair points of members “Absheron – Zirve” Club became a winner. 7 members of this club have gained 2178.55 Sinclair points and left the all rivals back.
As usual at the end of competition held presentation party and Champion Cup have been presented to this club. Gift has been presented to the head trainer of club Aghakerim Kerimov by the president of “Zirve” Sport Club Tofig Heydarov.
Beside of this, 2nd place – “Ankara – Zirve” (Yasin Arslan) and 3rd place – “Samukh – Zirve” (Rayet Abdalov) and respectively other 3 place clubs have been awarded by cups. Closing ceremony was so nice and unforgettable for all the sportsmen, participants and audiences.
You could meet last ranking of clubs below:
The ideas of trainers of first 3 places clubs were so interesting. The first owner of bronze medal, head trainer of “Samukh – Zirve” Abdalov Rayet shared his ideas: “I’m so happy for bronze medal. Performances of youths were satisfactory.They could perform better. Because of injury Gulchin Alizade was not on form. If she would be fine, we could be get better result. But bronze also success for us. Our team prepared very good for this competition and we saw its result. This world championship held with high standards. We have been supplied by the best opportunity and we didin’t encounter any problem. Regarding to all of these I appreciated to president of club Tofig Heydarov”.
Silver medals are written to account of “Ankara – Zirve”. Head coach of our club, loyal weightlifter Yasin Arslan was so satisfied: “Still in august we participated in cup, but couldn’t be successful. In this time our target was become a medalist and we have reached to our purpose. In this competition, even participating was proud as well. I thank to club president Tofig Heydarov for this organization. We became a witness of high level tournament. Competition and works that have done out of competition were perfect. We so proud of that we are one of member of this family as well. We will try to get more success in future”.
As we have noted before, gold medal has been got by “Absheron – Zirve” club. Head trainer, young specialist Agakerim Kerimov was like: “Became a winner so nice. Our team consists good sportsmen. Our aim was become a champion, I’m so happy to do that. In this world championship was hard competition.
From different countries many sportsmen competed for victory. That’s why gold medal will be stimulus for us in next competitions. ”Zirve” Sport Club one of the best clubs of Azerbaijan and arranging of this championship did show that again. We appreciated to our club president Tofig Heydarov!”
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