In first age group competitions of our World Championship have started! -uptading


The international project of “Zirve” Sport Club – “Zirve International Sport Clubs”s final stage of “1st Clubs World Championship” has started. Tournament will be held in 24-25th of december in “Altinpark-Akarsu” Sport Complex which is situated in Ankara and belongs to our club. Except Azerbaijan from 10 other countries (Turkey, Russia, USA, Georgia, Bulgaria, Poland, Belarus, Iran, Ukraine, and Moldova) sportsmen of our branch clubs will be parcipated in as well.
The first U-15 (under 15 age) girls will up to platform. You could see the names of sportswomen in this group below:

S Name Born Club
1 Farajova Shafa 2001 Lankaran
2 Mammadova Sona 1999 Samukh
3 Dina Popov 2004 Chisinau
4 Chomiuk Anna 2000 Terespol
5 Didyk Halina 2001 Zhydachiv
6 Galya Shatova 2001 Smolyan
7 Gamze Yayla 2000 Ankara
8* Gizem Nur Demir 1999 Ankara
9 Halime Kapucu 2001 Ankara
10 Meltem Nur Guldik 2001 Ankara
11 Gulum Inci Kaya 2002 Ankara