"Zirve" athletes have terminated their performance with "little" bronze


Cyprus-Limassol Juniors’ 17th women and 40th men, also U-23 aged sportsmen’s 6th Europe Championship has fiished for “Zirve” Sport Club. Today our two more sportsmen did up to platform.
Georgi Chkheidze that took 2nd place in 1st World Championship of our club in august in Khirdalan, competed in Europe Championship at this time. He has competed in 105 kg weight category. In snatch he was 164 kg and became 5th. But in clean and jerk he was 201 kg and took 3rd place in Europe championship. Totally with 365 kg result Georgi took 4th place in general ranking.
Representative of “Chisinau-Zirve” club Marin Gologan competed in
U-23 age group in 85 kg weight category. He became 5th with 153 kg in snatch, in clean and jerk he was 178 kg and took 9th place. Totally Gologan was 331 kg and took 7th place in Europe Championship.