World Championship has finished!


4 -16th of november, 81th men and 24th women Weightlifting Championship which is held in Kazakhstan – Almaty has finished. From Azerbaijan national team 6 representatives took part in thsi tournament, it was so interesting. Especially in men’s competition 105 kg weight category was fantastic. Local sportsman – Ilya Ilyin have lifted 242 kg in clean and jerk, updated World Record with 4 kg more. Totally in this championship 7 women, 8 men world records have been updated. Because of points the best sportsmen between women was russian Tatiana Kashirina, between men was chinese Liao Hui.
In competition from 62 different countries men, 51 different countries women athletes did up to platform. Because of men’s team China took 1st, Kazakhstan 2nd and Russia took 3rd places. With younger team members Azerbaijan took 33th place. From our sportsmen Elmar Aliyev in 56 kg weight category took 24th, Rustam Imanzadeh in 62 kg weight category took 17th, Dadash Dadshbayli in 94 kg weight category took 14th places.
In women’s team score China took 1st place again. 2nd was Thailand, 3rd was again Russia. Azerbaijan’s oldest women athlete was 21 years old and our team took 34th place. From our women athletes Boyanka Kostova in 53 kg weight category took 8th, Gulchin Alizadeh in same weight category took 28th, Elnara Abbasova in 63 kg weight category took 35th places. Because of medal ranking, first 3 places between women have been got respectively by China, Northern Korea and Russia, between men were Northern Korea, Kazakhstan and China. In this ranking our national team was 22th between women and 42th between men.
Our gained points are not enough for Olympiad license. But we could correct this situation. Next year In USA – Houston World Championship and in 2016 Europe Championship we could participate in with stronger team and could increase our chances.
You could see all statistics of this World Championship: