In competitions of Azerbaijan again record number weighlifters of “Zirve” participated in


Competitions of club branches of “Zirve” have ended. These competitions held in 5-12th of November and it was for 2nd selective round of Final stage competition of “Zirve International Sport Clubs”. This time in competition more weightlifters performed than previous. So in Neftchala 85 of “Neftchala-Zirve”, in Lankaran 235 of “Lankaran-Zirve” and “Lerik-Zirve”, in Samukh “Samukh-Zirve”, ”Kazakh-Zirve”, “Goranboy-Zirve”, 85 of “Sheki-Zirve”, in Khirdalan “Khirdalan-Zirve”, “Masazir-Zirve”, “Sumgayit-Zirve”, “Gobustan-Zirve”, “Shamakhi-Zirve” and 135 of “Ismayilli -Zirve” sportsmen did up to platform.
If we would add sportsmen of our different teams, from Azerbaijan totally more than 550 athletes joined to “Zirve” competitions. This is more 50 persons than previous competitions. Specialists note that quality of numbers and results of sportsmen have improved.
Organization improved as well. In these competitions 7 of Republic and a International Grade Referee serviced, all protocol rules have been observed with high quality.
Photos and results of competitions will be introduced soon.