Boyanka Kostova lost in personal weight ! – UPDATED


Today is next competition day of Heavy Athletics World Championship that is held in Kazakhstan – Almaty. This time women members of Azerbaijan National Team will up to bridge. Firstly Gulchin Alizadeh tested her power. Disciple of “Kazakh-Zirve”, young athlete performed in 53 kg weight degree in C group.
Gulchin was 70 kg in snatch, 90 kg in clean and jerk. Totally she was 160 kg and took 8th place in C group.
After Alizadeh Boyanka Kostova did up to bridge. She competed in B group and performed successfully. 22 aged sportswomen correctly did 3 attempts and was 91 kg in snatch, was 109 kg in clean and jerk. Totally Boyanka was 200 kg and became a lider of B group.
Kostova had got very successful result and after A group results, she took 8th place. But 6th and 7th places have been lifted same weight with her. But unfortunately her personal weight was 26 g more and it made her 2 step back. Anyway, this is success as well and it will helpful for our team to get license.