The first championship of "Terespol-Zirve" held !


In 8th of november in Poland-Terespol one more selective competition of “Zirve International Sport Clubs” held. This was first internal championship of “Terespol-Zirve”. Tournament was internal but open. Beside of our club disciples, “GOK Koroszczyn”, “WLKS Siedlce”, “LKS Orleta Lukow”, and “AZS -AWF Biala Podlaska” club representatives joined to competition as well. Totally 82 heavy athletes took part in competition and the youngest athlete was 8 years old.
In medal ranking “Terespol-Zirve” sport club took 2nd place with 2 gold and 3 beonze medals. First place has been took by “LKS Orleta Lukow” club with 3 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze medals.
Championship of “Terespol-Zirve” has been organizated with high quality and it was selective competition for World Championship that will be held in december in our country. That’s why only our sportsmen’s results will be considered.
You could see the results of competition.