Our 6 more sportsmen will participate in World Championship!


“Zirve International Sport Clubs” is successfully continuing its activity in Azerbaijan and Europe. Tomorrow couple of them will take part in World Championship and this is the proof of success. In the competition which will be held in Kazakhstan beside of Azerbaijan “Zirve” disciples, our Moldovan and Bulgarian athletes will perform as well.
There is the biggest team from “Chisinau-Zirve” sport club. 4 men and 1 woman athletes are going to protect honour of their country. But 1 sportsman represents Bulgaria. Representative of “Smolyan-Zirve” club is Milka Maneva.
Wish all of them lucks!

N S Name Nat Born Weight Start
1. W Maneva Milka BUL 07.06.1985 63 225
1. W Priscepa Natalia MDA 17.10.1989 75 240
2. M Sirghi Oleg MDA 09.07.1987 56 260
3. M Cechir Serghei MDA 15.10.1990 69 325
4. M Pipa Artiom MDA 19.07.1992 77 345
5. M Zbirnea Andrian MDA 12.05.1990 105 390