President of our club was meet with big respect in Turkey championship!


Turkey championship started in Ankara in “Altinpark Akarsu” sport hall which belongs to “Zirve International Sport Clubs”. From 27 different regions of Turkey, 89 men and 65 women compete in this competition. This competition is selection for world championship which will be held in Kazakhistan in 6-16 november.
Yesterday was opening ceremony of competition. The president of Turkey Weightlifting Federation Tamer Tashpinar did speech, did greet guests and sportsmen, spoke about development of heavy athletics in country. In ceremony dance group did show performance as well. This dance group have been taught by director of our “Sudash-Zirve” club, world heavy athletics champion Bunyamin Sudash in his own school. Then competition started.
In first day of championship in 48, 53, 58, 63 kg women and in 56, 62, 69, 77 kg men tested their power. It was so interesting that president of our club Tofig Heydarov did participate in awarding ceremony of winners. He did introduce medals to winners with several well-known politic and sport persons of Turkey. This is result of respect and confidence to our club president.
First day of competition our club disciples successfully performed. Women representatives of “Tuzgolu – Zirve” sport club Gizemnur DEMIR has got bronze in 53 kg, Gamze YAYLA silver in same kg, in 63 kg Bushranur DALMIZRAK and in 69 kg Zeynep ATAKAN have got bronze medals.