“Zirve” disciples at meeting with the president of Turkey!


The 12th president of Turkey Republic Rejep Tayyip Erdoghan has arranged his first official acceptance in 30th of august. This meeting has been dedicated to “Holiday of Victory”, was in “Chankaya Koshk” and many guests participated over there. There were well-known politicians, military, businessmen, sportsmen and sportswomen of Turkey Republic as well.
Very good that participants of “Zirve International Sport Clubs” also participated in this meeting. Women heavy athletes of “Tuzlugol – Zirve”- Ankara, Turkey – Gamze Yayla and Elif Unal were silver medalist in Europe Youth 2014, therefore they have been invited to meeting. President Tayyip Erdoghan and his spouse Emine Erdoghan did greet all the guests one by one and demonstrated respect to them. That big pride for us to see participants of “Zirve International Sport Clubs” Gamze and Elif in this acceptance. At last World Championship of our club these sportswomen performed successfully and their this kind of recognition seems good and motivate other sportsmen as well.
We congratulate Turkish sportsmen and trainers, wish them continuous success.