Final Report Conference of “Zirve” Sports Club for 2013 held


Those who distinguished during the year were awarded

On December 27 at the conference hall of the AAAF Park Residence Complex, Report Conference of “Zirve” Sports Club dedicated to the results of 2013 was held. During the ceremony with participation of many guests, sportsmen, coaches distinguished during a year and other persons were awarded, their successes were marked.
The chairman of our club Azad Mustafayev opened the event. He called to notice of the guests great successes gained by alumni of “Zirve” Sports Club with a central base at AAAF Park Residence Complex in 2013, and their high scale represention of the country on the international arena. It was noted our club members won 32 medals (13 gold, 7 silver and 12 bronze) at this year’s international competitions, moreover, updated 7 world and European records. At all domestic competitions during the year, our sportsmen received more than half of all medals. It could give a sense of confidence to succeed in such successful series.
Chairman’s annual report ended with an information about the structure of the new club. Azad muallim, noted that the new Presidium of the Executive Committee (EC) of “Zirve” SC has been approved. According to him, new 7 persons were included into the new Presidium. They are as follows – the founder and president of our club – T. Heydarov, Vice-President on Financial matters – Parvin Aliyev , Vice-President on Commercial matters Ruslan Khanverdiyev, Vice-president on international relations – Hafiz Suleymanov , Executive director – Azad Mustafayev, Honorary president of the club – Mirsayad Abilov and international referee Ali Javadov.
In addition, a new coaching staff of “Zirve” SC has been approved. In 2014, our club’s head coach Hafiz Suleymanov, and separately Karim Karimov – will be coach in personal charge for male sportsmen, Teymour Aliguliev – coach in charge for juniors, Anar Gasimov – coach in charge for youth and Rayat Abdalov – coach in charge for female sportsmen.
After, a word was given to the president of “Zirve” SC and “AAAF – INSAAT” LTD T.Heydarov. The President spoke about achievements in 2013, the work done and expressed confidence to achieve higher outcomes in the coming year, and stated we have to put maximum efforts. Tofig muallim, noted that “Zirve” SC will gradually transform into an international club, and our zone, cup and final competitions will be held in other countries, and many of our members become representatives of the country.
President highlighted the fact of successes of weighlifters increasing over the years and particularly noted a paramount aspect. According to him, he is very pleased that we exceed our repulsive enemies in weightlifting which is considered to be their national sport. Tofig muallim said that, it is due to increase in the success of Azerbaijan athletes that our enemy’s country is scared to host Europe and the world-scale competitions thereby dishonoring their country, rising of Azerbaijan flag time and time again, sounding our anthem, and they refuse to organize such contest: He is happy to note an important role of “Zirve” SC in these victories. Our President noted that, the club was established with the purpose to contribute into the policy of support and care to sports across the country and arrange a flow of teens and youth to weightlifting, create best conditions for that, train strongest juniors among them for competitions on a professional level in a boarding school lyceum. Tofiq Heydarov noted we had managed the task, and Inshallah, it would be even better continuation.
Later on, the chairman Azad Mustafayev announced “12 best athletes of the year” , “Best coaches of the year”, as well as “Referee of the Year” and the names of other persons showed themselves from the best side during the year selected by “AAAF Park” magazine. President of our club T.Heydarov and Director of AAAF INSAAT LLC Parvin Aliyev rewarded these persons with special prizes. Below are the names of rewarded people:

  • Firudin Guliyev – winner of the Kazan Universiade Games and 2nd International Baku Grand Prix, bronze medalist of World Youth and Senior Championship, World and European youth and senior record-breaker, holder of Universiade 2013 records.
  • Zulfugar Suleymanov – European Championship and Islam Games bronze medalist.
  • Aliguluzadeh Elkhan – European Junior Champion.
  • Imanzadeh Rustam – European youth champion, winner of the 3rd International Children Sport Games, European youth record-breaker (U–15).
  • Emil Aliyev – Winner of European masters championship.
  • Humbatli Aftandil – Bronze medalist of 8th World Masters Games.
  • Aliguliyev Teymur – Bronze medalist of the European Masters Championship.
  • Mammedli Mahammad – Silver medalist of the European Youth Championship.
  • Kanan Aliguliyev – Silver medalist of the European Youth Championship (U–15).
  • Gulchin Alizadeh – Bronze medalist of the European Youth Championship.
  • Marziya Maharramova – European Youth Championship bronze medalist
  • Ruslan Rzazadeh – Winner of the 3rd International Children’s Sport Games.
  • Asif Mammadov – personal coach Mahammad Mammadli
  • Vagif Huseynov – Best referee
  • Kenan Mastaliyev – “Zirve” International Sport Clubs press-secretary.
  • Hatam Ahmadov – Best Sports Complex of the year – Head of Masazir Sports Complex
  • Mirsayad Abilov – One of the “Zirve” Sports Club founder, honorary president of the club.
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