“AAAF Park” Magazine selected the best sportsmen of our club in 2013


Alumni of the “Zirve” Sports Club with a central base at the “AAAF Park Residence Complex”, achieved great successes in 2013. Some our weighlifters from amongst those who won 32 medals for our country at international competitions distinguished particularly. “AAAF PARK” magazine – “AAAF PARK Residence Complex” official magazine – selected the best 12 sportsmen of “Zirve” in 2013. Here they are:


  • Firudin Guliyev – winner of the Kazan Universiade Games and 2nd International Baku Grand Prix, bronze medalist of World Youth and Senior Championship, World and European youth and senior record-breaker, holder of Universiade 2013 records.
  • Zulfugar Suleymanov – European Championship and Islam Games bronze medalist.
  • Aliguluzadeh Elkhan – European Junior Champion.
  • Imanzadeh Rustam – European youth champion, winner of the 3rd International Children Sport Games, European youth record-breaker (U–15).
  • Emil Aliyev – Winner of European masters championship.
  • Humbatli Aftandil – Bronze medalist of 8th World Masters Games.
  • Aliguliyev Teymur – Bronze medalist of the European Masters Championship.
  • Mammedli Mahammad – Silver medalist of the European Youth Championship.
  • Kanan Aliguliyev – Silver medalist of the European Youth Championship (U–15).
  • Gulchin Alizadeh – Bronze medalist of the European Youth Championship.
  • Marziya Maharramova – European Youth Championship bronze medalist
  • Ruslan Rzazadeh – Winner of the 3rd International Children’s Sport Games.